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Wild Lot Cocktail Bitter: Spiced Orange

Wild Lot Cocktail Bitter: Spiced Orange

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Introducing a refreshing new line of cocktail bitters from our farm distillery - the perfect addition to your at-home bar collection.

Made with our own up-cycled gin botanicals after they have run through our still in our gin production process. Still rich in aromas and flavour, we give our spent botanicals a second chance at wowing the world. 

Spiced Orange uses a combination of fresh & locally up-cycled Orange (from Lemonade Dave) and a blend of aromatic spices giving a complex, sweet, and flavour and aroma. Use classic complex cocktails or mocktails like a Negroni, Manhattan, Old Fashioned, or Greyhound, OR simply add a bit of zing to any sangria or mimosa.


100% soft acrylic knit

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12" diameter

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