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Small Batch Bittersweet Italiano (Amaro Style) - 375ml

Small Batch Bittersweet Italiano (Amaro Style) - 375ml

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Introducing a fresh and Canadian take on the classic Amaro Liqueur. We’re calling it the Bittersweet Italiano. Amaro is a much loved bitter liqueur originating from Italy that is having a bit of a renaissance in Canada, appearing on top cocktail menus coast to coast. We are personally obsessed with Amaro and the flavour adventure that comes with its complex and top secret mix of herbs and botanicals.
Ours is made with 25 unique botanicals that bring several waves of different flavours including root beer, vanilla, liquorice, cherry, citrus, baking spices, and bitter roots and barks. The end product is then sweetened with a touch of local maple syrup for a round and enjoyable sipper.
A touch bitter, hints of herbal, a tad sweet, and loads of rich and creamy flavours throughout. You can sip this one on its own as an after dinner digestif, serve over ice with a slice of citrus, add a splash of soda over ice, use in a Negroni, or even mix with root beer and vanilla ice cream for an adult float. The sky is the limit with this experimental spirit!


100% soft acrylic knit

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