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Wild Lot Small Batch Lemon & Honey Liqueur

Wild Lot Small Batch Lemon & Honey Liqueur

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Introducing “When Dave Gives You Lemons” in collaboration @freshlemonadedave, the county’s favourite lemonade!

An innovative and local take on a Limoncello liqueur. We collect and up-cycle juiced lemons after they are freshly squeezed to make bottled lemonade. We steep these spent peels in our vodka until we have extracted the perfect amount of flavour and colour and then add a touch of our very own distillery-farmed honey, and a splash of lemon verbena tea.

We could not be prouder of the result. Bright, refreshing, and a delicate sweetness. Not to mention a lower carbon footprint by sourcing ingredients close to the farm.

Serve chilled on its own as an aperitif, mix with soda and ice, or replace mix into a refreshing Lemon-drop martini in place of vermouth.


100% soft acrylic knit

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12" diameter

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