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Wild Lot Small Batch Apple Cinnamon Liqueur (375ml)

Wild Lot Small Batch Apple Cinnamon Liqueur (375ml)

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 Fall in love with our new Apple Cinnamon Liqueur. 

Pairs well with nostalgia and sweater weather festivities with it’s feel good blend of baking spices that you grew up with.

Made with Wild Lot vodka, a splash of apple Juice, and a blend of 5 spices: Cinnamon, Cardamom, Clove, All Spice, and Star Anice. 25% ABV.

A great addition to anything mulled (hot apple cider, hot toddie), festive or decadent martinis (caramel apple, salted maple appletini), a twist on a mule, or in any bourbon cocktail. Also nice as an ice cold sipper on its own.


100% soft acrylic knit

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12" diameter

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